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Casualties of Progress

by Enemy Soil

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Enemy Soil fused the sonic violence of grind with the politically and socially progressive ideologies of the D.C. hardcore scene into one of the most severe music lashings caught on tape to date. The 'Casualties of Progress' mini-CD captures the energy and essence of what Napalm Death birthed with Scum so many years before. This goes beyond grindcore; it's a call to arms for a world going wrong!


released May 27, 2008

Relapse Records



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Enemy Soil Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Group Think
They try to distance themselves from me
so as not to be associated with radical ideals
They assure themselves that my views are not theirs
and wallow in their own incomprehension
Going along with outside forces,
they make sure I stick out in the crowd
Think for yourself
instead of for others
Don't you realize what it is that you are saying?
Track Name: Sentencing
The system protects the rich and punishes the poor
The convicted rot in festering stables
It's not what's the truth,
it's what they can prove.
Biased jurors and slanted laws
throw our lives away
Rehabilitation just a dream
It's not what's the truth
it's what they can prove
I don't want a part in this corrupt charade
I'm disgusted with this co-called judication.
Track Name: Common Ground
Unify the resistance,
solidarity with intent to revolt
Tolerance for other's beliefs,
a step closer to unity
Fuck your self-righteousness,
no time for martyrs
The seed of rebellion in our minds
Our conviction to anarchism
must transcend our petty differences
Utopia is a hopeless ideal
if even those of us in resistance can't get along.
Our common ground this enemy soil
and a desire to be free.
Let us unite and destroy!
Track Name: Fall of Empire
Our selfish intentions have led us down
the path of chaos eternal
Corpses charred by the consuming
flames of empires fallen
The bereaved shall look through tear-filled eyes
Mangled limbs reach out to save lives
pursuant of greed
Destruction, void of cause
A disposable existence on a global scale.
The masses waste their lives away
in search of a hypothetical paradise
Our empires crumble from the corruption
of our thoughts and our children's bodies rot.
Our future lost, our future lost.
Track Name: Trapped In a Routine
The cataracts of my mind prevent me from thinking clearly, yet I've come to realize that my life is shit; or so I must think, based on what I've been taught about having a direction in life and plans for the future. Have something new to say instead of the same old shit. Have an original thought about this lack of focus.